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What’s an iReal Estate Pro?

An iReal Estate Pro™️ (iREP) has a thorough understanding of complex issues in today’s turbulent real estate industry and knowledge of iBuyers & Institutional Investor options available to homeowners. iREPs can provide solutions as well as detailed insight and numerous options for homeowners in today’s technology facing landscape.

Homeowners regularly proceed without guidance of any kind through the often financially and emotionally challenging prospect of buying or selling. Speaking with a well-informed, licensed real estate professional is the best course of action for a homeowner as our market climate continues to evolve. Through comprehensive training and experience, iREPs have the tools to help homeowners find the best solutions for their unique situations and to avoid uncertainty and missed opportunities through the efficient execution of a sale.

Making a large financial decision poses a challenge for any family, so why make the process of finding a qualified real estate professional difficult too? Select an agent with the iREP Designation to ensure you have a trained professional to address your specific needs. For more information, contact a iREP in your area.

In addition to selling properties iReps  serve and professionally help their clients in need.







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With, you get solid offers and a Go To Market listing valuation, and we’ll help you break down your options in a side by side comparison and see which works best for your unique situation.

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Within 24 hours of one of our representatives viewing your property, we will provide you with multiple solid offers, and, if you choose, you can sell your home without showings and listings and close in a matter of days! 

Free Market Valuation

We’ll provide you with a Go To Market Comparative Market Analysis to show you how much your home would likely sell for in the current market when listed by  Donna Londot

 See All Your Options

Moving made simple. Moving doesn’t have to break the bank. Our clients enjoy the free use of our 18′ moving truck for moves in the Phoenix area subject to availability.

 Client Experience

Our goal is to create the smoothest process possible and to deliver the highest level of service, no matter what method you choose in selling your home. 

 Quality Relationship

Whether you accept an offer or choose to list your home with us on the market, you’re professionally represented. We’re here to help you with all of your needs from valuation, preparing your home for the market, negotiation, a network of qualified vendors for any repairs, high-level transaction coordination, and more!


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Does my property qualify for the offers?


Offers apply to homes that meet the following criteria:

  •  Single Family Homes, Townhouses, Duplexes, and Condos. Unfortunately, pre-fabricated/manufactured/mobile homes do not qualify.
  •  Homes built after 1960 in Arizona.
  •  Homes that sit on a maximum of an acre of land and not in a flood zone.
  •  Homes that don’t have non-permitted additions, significant foundation issues, solar leases, or polybutylene plumbing.
  •  Homes with clear title, non-distressed, and not leased at time of closing.
In the event your home does not apply to these criteria, we can still provide you with options! Not all homes meet the criteria for multiple offers. We attempt to obtain offers from multiple sources as well as a Go to Market Home Valuation for your side-by-side comparison. 

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